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Investing in yourself is often the best investment. What gives me the best start in my career? Examination of all possibilities to find the best individual solution. Therefore, the CHE Student Credit Test deliberately refrains from determining the best. Optimal prospects; How do I finance my study abroad?

Student loan – Agree Bank

Student loan - Agree Bank

Another plus: As a recipient of Credit Aid, you can improve your customer account with the credit. Full-time or part-time students who have been accepted into the first, advanced, second or doctoral program at the beginning of a course of study that is not older than 44 years, German citizens or EU citizens for a period of more than three years in Germany, without oath on disclosure (affidavit of financial circumstances). You can also use the Fine Bank student loan to finance semesters abroad.

The basic requirement is that you are still enrolled at a state university in Germany during your stay abroad. There is no Fine Bank student loan for university courses that are completed in Germany. Anyone who is 24 or less can receive support for up to 14 half-years. With a maximum age of 34 years there are only ten lectures and with a maximum age of 44 years six lectures.

Then you have to spend at least $ 20 per month for interest and reimbursement. Who do I get the loan from: Agree bank or Fine Bank? Agree bank will discuss with you whether you meet the formal requirements for a lending transaction. You can then apply for the Fine Bank student loan online. If the decision is positive, Fine Bank pays the money via a credit account that you set up with Fine Bank on the Internet.

There is no legal basis for the Fine Bank student loan.

Students and interns are supported by the state.

Students and interns are supported by the state.

In order to be able to achieve the professional goals of young people outside of the economic situation of their mother and father, school education is supported by the state and other institutions. However, not all legal guardians can pay for their children’s learning during school hours or accommodate them economically. Since the federal government wants to enable access to education regardless of the social situation and the financial means, there is the Credit Aid.

Here you get a subsidy from the country, one third of which is a subsidy and one interest-free bond. At the end of the funding period, you will have to pay off a maximum of 50 percentage points of these funds in tranches. Attention: Credit Aid is not only available for students. TIP: The Federal Ministry of Research has compiled all essential information on Credit Aid in a brochure.

The educational credit program is designed to secure and increase education and training and, in contrast to federal law, is donor-neutral. It can also apply as a supplement to the building law. Students, interns or students who are in an advanced stage of their trainers’ life are supported. The education loan must be paid back at least four years after the first installment payment.

Further information on the educational loan is available from the Federal Office of Administration. As a student, you can increase your monthly income with the Fine Bank student loan. The credit depends on your salary, the subject and the purpose. You can also use this loan to co-finance a semester abroad. The support is aimed at young people who do not live with their legal guardians during vocational training or a vocational preparation measure – for example because the instructor or the vocational school is too far away.

The Credit Aid is the basis for determining needs. Even if the capital gets scarce at the beginning of the apprenticeship, we can inform you without any obligation to provide capital-forming social benefits. Those who save are rewarded with bonuses from employers and the country. 1,350 different grants are currently registered with the Federal Ministry of Research.