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In the context of a renegotiation of credit, the bank is not obliged to accede to the request of the borrower. However, if she observes the prerequisites of the process, she can propose an appointment to discuss it. At this stage, the borrower must be ready to show his strengths and assert his advantages: why not be accompanied by a broker whose job it is?


His expert view on your mortgage and your situation

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The study of the credit renegotiation file by a real estate broker is used to validate (or invalidate) the process.

Regardless of any other consideration, this expert can quickly determine whether the conditions can be reviewed favorably or not. Already, he knows the rates charged in his partner establishments (regardless of whether the borrower’s bank is listed there or not) and can compare with that of the mortgage.

At the same time, this professional assesses the personal situation of the borrower, to determine if it contributions to making it a good, a very good, even an excellent file: the more the qualifier is praiseworthy, the more the chances of obtaining a better interest are important!

Note that an Yeslite Finances expert can also consider the conditions of the borrower insurance: if they are not necessarily immediately usable, within the framework of the renegotiation of credit, they can be reviewed, in a second time, within the framework of ‘a delegation .


His knowledge of the pitfalls of credit renegotiation!

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Using a broker, specializing in real estate credit, can speed up the processing time of the renegotiation request. The investigation carried out by Lite Lending in 2016 shows a waiting period of up to 11 months, to obtain the prepayment statement. The organizations playing the watch, as much to discourage steps as to reduce potential savings.

Using this expert protects you from identified cases of overcharging or management errors. Again, the association mentions unapplied exemptions, costly interest or the obligation to subscribe bank products in return. For your information, IRAs (Early Redemption Allowances) are not due, in the event of professional transfer or loss of employment.

Generally speaking, a banker will not make the same speech with a broker as when faced with a borrower alone.


His know-how: the broker Yeslite Finances knows what he can get you!

His know-how: the broker Yeslite Finances knows what he can get you!

After knowing your situation (both personal and financial), as well as the conditions of your current mortgage, our professionals can provide you with answers from the first meeting.

In fact, thanks to the Credit Fox Pro tool, specially designed for Yeslite Finances experts, they can completely reassess your financing and tell you a range of new monthly payments or deadlines that it can get you. Not to mention that it can also work on your borrower insurance, to optimize the whole.

In all cases, our experts will save you time, since they already have the connections to speak immediately to qualified people at their partner establishment. Or, your bank is listed and the procedures are thus simplified; either, it does not appear there and he obtains, just as quickly, competing offers to be put forward during the credit renegotiation meeting.